There have been a couple of big changes since last time. First thing is that the dungeon is finally oriented correctly, previously it was flipped around an axis. When I corrected this I had to modify the model vertices, modify the object position conversion and modify the object angle conversion – oh and flip the culling orientation. Not too bad but more involved then it probably seems.

The next thing you’ll notice is that the in-game UI is partially complete. For the “full” UI the portrait background is the wrong color and the compass isn’t working but otherwise works. The compass isn’t there because it turns out that it uses a 3D model and I have to find out which one and add 3D model support to the UI. The face background should change color based on your current condition which still needs to be done. The minimal UI ( the “fullscreen” option in Daggerfall ) is working correctly, including the compass.

Enemies now show up correctly, humanoid and monster alike. They currently have no AI, so just face the player and play the “walk” animation. However ground based enemies do have gravity, although the range when they are updated is too short, causing an enemy pop in the video. Anyway the next update will have actual enemy AI, so you’ll get to see them move around soon.

And finally switches, moving and rotating objects work. For example if you hit the switch by the throne, it’ll rotate while causing the platform and throne to move up (or down). There is also a rotating bookcase trigger by clicking on a table in another room.

So for the next update I’m shooting for monster AI, more complete UI (character screens, inventory, etc.), combat and looting (loot treasure piles, bodies). Shortly thereafter I’ll release the demo. 🙂

As usual here is a video showing the latest progress:

and various screenshots showing the new features: