I wanted my next update to be the demo release, but DaggerXL is not quite ready yet. Its very close though, only a few more days. So I decided to talk about what has been accomplished so far.

The UI system is much further along, including working buttons, Character screen with actual character stats and a working inventory screen. Right now a “default” character is used, since the Character Creator isn’t done yet, but beyond that stage it stores and uses those stats and skills as you see on the character screen. It tracks level, gold, HP, MP, stats and skills as well as the inventory. The inventory system is ready for the demo, including being able to equip items, scroll, sort, drop and pickup. When you click on a dead body or treasure pile and you can pickup the items and even directly equip them. You can also drop items onto the ground, which will create a new treasure pile on the spot.

The combat system includes being able to pull out your weapon and swing it. The full “hold and drag” system is implemented, including all the weapon moves. Even though enemies don’t move around yet and their attacks can’t hurt the player, you can attack and kill them. In fact your chance to hit is properly calculated based on your weapon skill, agility bonus (if any) and enemies AC. When you hit you do damage, based on your weapon, how you hit them (slide swipe, stab, etc.) and your stat bonuses (if any). When the enemies die they leave their body which you can loot for treasure (except for the animals in the dungeon such as rats and bats), but unlike normal treasure piles the bodies never disappear. The treasure piles disappear if you take all the treasure and gold.

Finally there have been more tweaks to the lighting, you’ll notice that the environment gets darker like the original game. Unlike the original game, if you have the light range turned up, the dynamic lights still affect environment, even at an extreme distance.

Anyway the demo is very close, a couple of more days away. I still have to fix some problems picking up treasure (sometimes its too picky as to where you click), some collision issues, and get the enemy AI moving and doing proper damage to the player. And then it’s demo time. 🙂

Here is a video and below some screenshots: