The first demo of DaggerXL is now out, to read about it and download go to the Downloads page. While several features are still missing, this establishes a good amount of the dungeon crawling gameplay. This includes: Stat system with character screen; inventory system with inventory screen; basic (incomplete) UI; looting treasure and bodies as well as the ability to drop items; melee combat using stats, armor, weapon, skills, enemy stats (such as AC) and types of swings made (different mouse movements) to determine the outcome; enemy AI and movement; collision and player physics; interactive objects such as elevators, switches and doors; and lighting and authentic rendering. Other game play features missing in this demo will continue to be worked on as I approach the second demo which will include a different environment – the city!

So try out the demo but remember to read the directions first. Daggerfall must be fully patched to play because DaggerXL uses data from the data files and the executable itself.

Update: A new version of the demo has been released, visit the download page to get it.

Fixes and changes:

  • The crashes are fixed.
  • Looting range has been fixed.
  • Looting bodies and treasure piles should work much better now.
  • The inverted stab/overhead swing are fixed.
  • The FOV matches Daggerfall much better now.
  • CPU_Light mode has been added.
  • VSync can now be enabled.
  • A God Mode cheat has been added to help with testing.
  • Custom control bindings can be setup.
  • An experimental extended feature has been implemented – Fake Bumpmapping.