I’ve discussed most of this on the DaggerXL forums already, but I’ve decided to make a full post in order to inform everyone else as well.

Version 0.14 Teaser

The build has had some delays, due to issues with time not technical concerns. Anyway the build is right around the corner – here are some teaser screenshots of a different climate (the desert). All regions and locations will be available in the upcoming version, including the Sentinel region shown below. I’ll talk about the terrain system more in the next blog post, but you can see the smooth terrain transitions between terrain and locations in the screenshots below, especially in the towns. This is accomplished by smoothing out the terrain around the locations, interpolating between the location height and the desired terrain height with a fade off based on 2D distance from the location boundary. In addition the terrain textures are matched to the edges, when possible. Also some of the flats are scaled wrong in the screenshots, I know what the problem is but haven’t fixed it yet. It will be fixed for the next build.

Sentinel City





Desert Towns





Future Plans

As I’ve discussed on the forums, after this build is released I’m planning on taking a break from the terrain system – roads, rivers, improved water and long distance rendering to the horizon will be implemented later. I will immediately begin implementing gameplay features, as listed in the 0.3 milestone in the Roadmap.

In order to test a variety of features and skills, there will be 4 default characters that you can choose from – starting in version 0.15 and beyond. These will include a mage type class, fighter type class, assassin and generalist. In addition the quick save will be extended to save the inventory, stats, skill levels and character level. As discussed in the Roadmap leveling will be implemented, proper skill use, spell system, ranged combat (bows), the remaining base enemies, proper loot, the remaining weapons and armor, the rest of the dungeons and more. Once the gameplay features for version 0.30 are complete I’ll finish up the terrain while people test out the everything else.

Stay tuned, there will another blog post in the very near future when version 0.14 is released!