**Update** A new version of the build has been released that fixes the quick save/load. Previously it always took you to Sentinel regardless of where you saved. Please re-download if you have already downloaded your version before this notice.

As some of you may or may not know, I’ve had a pretty rough time with “real life” issues for the last month or so. I won’t get into exactly what those issues are, but I haven’t spent as much time on hobby projects and many of you have been itching for an update. Anyway version 0.14 has been dragging on, so I’ve decided to release what I have now and regroup. Version 0.14 has many niggling issues – terrain texture blends are incomplete (so there are some hard seams), the entire rendered terrain area is updated when crossing cell boundaries, instead of just the “L” region – causing short pauses, coastlines are ugly and incomplete, the E/W directions are somehow still flipped, sometimes the collision is still a little wonky with exteriors locations, there are some uv issues still (I know how to fix it but haven’t implemented it yet), some of the foliage flats are scaled incorrectly (again I know how to fix it but have to implement it) and various other niggling little issues. However there are several new things as well: go to any region and location using the fast travel map, the filters on the map work, first pass terrain is in and various other fixes and work done.

Anyway the plan is to release another build fixing the major issues such as collision, proper terrain updates to get rid of the pauses, various location fixes and so on. Once that is done I will focus on the UI and gameplay, putting the graphical features and terrain improvements to the side for now. The goal is to get the game fully playable as quickly as possible and to get builds out in a faster, more regular fashion.

Also I will start updated all the foreign language posts and pages tomorrow.

The download page has been updated, grab the build here.

If you go to different regions, models that are already loaded will often not have their textures modified by the region. To fix this, quick save (F1), exit and reload (F2).

Some screenshots taken from the build: