This will be a smaller post.

Version 0.15 has been released, which is basically a bug-fix release. The fast travel UI is slightly better, you’ll no longer “randomly” teleport to a location when clicking on a region – this was caused by holding down the mouse button while the mouse happened to be over a location. You now start at the edge of a location, looking in, rather than at a seemingly random location (which could be inside a building). If you travel between regions, models will always have their textures swapped to the correct region corrected textures, even if it was loaded previously. Some missing textures will be displayed now, which caused some really weird results in some locations. Some block record errors have been fixed, so the missing tiles (such as Wayrest) will now show up, in addition there would be some incorrect tiles on occasion which are also fixed.

There are still some other issues that need to be fixed, mainly collision issues and short pauses at tile boundaries but I’ve decided to plunge into the gameplay and roll the previously mentioned fixes into a build without delaying a build due to those issues. Hopefully I can get gameplay builds coming out pretty quickly – with larger systems being worked on in the background across multiple builds (in other words keep the existing systems working so that I can keep builds coming out regularly even if something like collision issues are taking a while). My explanation is probably confusing so I’ll say it simply – I want to get to the point where builds are released regularly that focus mostly on getting the core gameplay complete. The game should starting becoming truly “playable” very soon. 🙂

Go to the downloads page to get the latest version!