I’ve released version 0.16 with some of the UI is implemented. After the title screen you see the Load/New/Exit screen – Load will (for now) load your quick save game (same as F2 once you’re in-game), Start will begin in Privateer’s Hold (the previous default) and Exit will immediately exit the program. Hitting the highlight keys will have the same effect (L, S and E).

Previously if you hit the Escape button while in-game, the game would immediately exit. Now it brings up the Options dialog like Daggerfall. You can also click on the “Options” button in the on-screen UI. So far you can save (equivalent to the quick save for this build – F1), Load (same as quick load – F2), Exit (the only way to exit the game now, except for closing the window of course) and Continue.

While rest isn’t implemented yet, I now have it skip ahead a few hours whenever you click on the control. This will allow you to change the time of day quickly without having to reload the program.

During the next update I will add the Controls dialog, FullScreen, Sound/Music volume and Detail slider (view distance). In the following build I will complete the on screen UI controls, or at least go through the dialogs/popups for features not yet implemented. After that I’ll get the compass working and then get the full DaggerXL specific options screen working and remove the need for the settings file for most things. I will also get the save/load game dialogs working and allow for multiple saves, like Daggerfall.

Once all this UI stuff is out of the way, I’ll focus on the dungeons and the dungeon crawling gameplay!

You can download the latest build here.