At various stages of development, I’m thinking about having some fun contests – in the vain of Image of the Month, best level design under specific conditions (once modding is more complete) and so on like other communities have. Now that the initial indoor and outdoor environments are rendering, now seems like a good time.

DaggerXL Postcard Contest

Contest Goal
Take a screenshot of some interior or exterior environment while running DaggerXL that is framed as though you were sending a postcard home from Tamriel. The top entries will then be put in a poll and you guys will vote for your favorite. The winners will be announced here and on the blog, and the top entries will be cycled through the Screenshot of the Day as well.

To participate, fill out this form.

Contest Rules
The screenshot must be taken from DaggerXL. Members may submit multiple entries, though only the first 3 will be accepted. The top contenders will be chosen by me (up to 10), after that the winners will be determined by a poll on the DaggerXL forums. The goal is to have fun, while exploring DaggerXL and Daggerfall. There are no real prizes other then recognition. Entries will be judged based on aesthetic quality, lighting, framing and of course just what looks good. 😀

**Note** A collage of shots is acceptable as long as the original shots are unmodified (other then resizing, rotating, moving, etc.) and the result is a single image.

You guys can then let me know if you like these kinds of things, or what you’d like to see changed in the future to make contests better. In addition, I’m open to suggestions regarding future events.