The Postcard contest is now over, here are your winners!

1st Place – Greetings From Hammerfell! by bloodshot

Greetings from Hammerfell!

Greetings from Hammerfell

Dear Family
I have arrived in Hammerfell with little delay; the ship brought me here rather speedily. The folk are surprisingly magnanimous and have helped me find my destination rather easily. Already a month away and i miss you all so much!

P.S. –
I left a present in my dresser inside the right drawer for Johnny. Make sure he gets it!

2nd Place – Ruins of the Oasis by PatchyPegleg

Ruins of the Oasis

Ruins of the Oasis

Deep within the deserts that surround the Illiac Bay lies an ancient ruin embedded in a hidden oasis.

3rd Place – Castle Grirtin Old and Forgotten by Malentor

Castle Grirtin – Old and Forgotten

Castle Grirtin - Old and Forgotten

With this card is a magicka captured image of the overgrown ruins of castle Grirtin. A magnificent old structure once which has seen better days. It is now overrun by foul creatures – none of which seem to take kindly to this old travelling mage.

Congratulations to the winners and everyone that participated! Good job bloodshot, PatchyPegleg and Malentor!

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