I’ve been plugging away at the UI lately, with the next release occurring once most of the core UI is finished or blocked out. UI elements that will be finished include the keyboard and mouse control dialogs – so keyboard controls and mouse settings can be modified in-game.

In addition the Save / Load dialogs will also work and allow up to 6 saves for now. In the future you’ll be able to have more but for now it’ll be limited to what the UI allows. Also, in preparation for the coming Dungeon/Gameplay work, save games will work for interiors as well as save things like stats, inventory, equipped items, vitals, interior data (creatures that are dead, position of objects and doors, and so on). You’ll be able to name saves and the thumbnail will be displayed as well. One extension I plan on adding, if you are running in higher resolution (greater then emulated 320×200) is to display the save game date and time so that you can always tell which saves are newest.

Finally the main UI elements will be blocked out, if not fully supported by the next build. For example you’ll be able to change the interaction mode – but it won’t do anything useful until the gameplay element is implemented. Once version 0.17 goes out, the next version (0.18) will finish the character and inventory dialogs as well as seriously working on proper loot tables and proper random monsters. Version 0.19 will open support to more monster types, all the dungeons (except maybe a few special dungeons), skill advancement and leveling. 0.20 will support swimming, ranged attacks and spells. 0.21 should have all the monsters supported, all attacks, all skills being used properly, all weapons, armor and items (except for special relics/items that need special quests to acquire). So the goal is by build 0.21 to be able to go dungeon crawling, improve your characters, get loot, equipment and so on.

Right after that, with all the skills and equipment in place, the next big thing is the Character Creation system in version 0.22. Once that is complete, I’ll dive into supporting Quests, Guilds, NPC interaction, factions, shops and so on.

Ultimately the goal is to have the base game playable, as a full replacement for DosBox, this year.