DaggerXL Version 0.17 is finally out! You can get it from the Downloads section.

It doesn’t feature any real gameplay enhancements yet, but there has been a lot of work on the Daggerfall UI. While many UI screens aren’t useful yet, due to missing game functionality, most of the screens have been implemented – if only the barebones framework. For example, you can bring up the spell dialog, though only the exit button works because the spell system hasn’t been implemented. But it will be much easier to add functionality since the dialog code is in place.

In addition, several of the UI elements are useful now. For example, the save and load dialogs now work – you can have up to 6 saves, which you name when you save.

The music and sound volume works in the Options menu, as well as the Detail slider. The “fullscreen” checkbox also works, for making the UI minimal or normal.

Here is an image of the detail setting very low:

All controls are now setup through the in-game control menu found in the options dialog. All the shortcuts and controls are hooked up, though those that use non-existentย functionality don’t do anything visible of course. This includes turning controls, look up and down, weapon ready and so on. This means that the settings text file is no longer used for setting up controls or mouse settings.

And the mouse dialog also works, though it is “stuck” on “View” mode. You can adjust mouse sensitivity and reverse the mouse direction.

Various other controls work, though they may not be useful yet. An example is changing the interaction mode. But the proper variables are set in the game code – so once the system is implemented, it’ll automatically be hooked up to the UI and controls.

So the next build will feature Character Creation, Daggerfall movies and many of the missing sound effects. After that missing functionality needed to make dungeon exploring complete will be added, such as proper loot tables, proper random monsters (instead of having random monsters always be bears), proper death, resting and so on.