UPDATE: An update to version 0.18 (0.181) has been released to fix a sound related crash. If your version does not say Version 0.181 in the lower right corner of the title screen, please download the latest version.

During the last post, I talked about a few things that were supposed to go into the next build. However, after working on the Character Creation a little I realized that it would be a big task. So, to limit the delay between 0.17 and the following build I decided to split the features into two builds. I’m going back to work on the Character Creation now, which will now be the only new feature for version 0.19. Today I’ll talk about and release version 0.18.

The first new feature for version 0.18 is Daggerfall VID playback. Once you pass the DaggerXL title screen, the Bethesda/Daggerfall video will now play before arriving at the Load/Start New Game screen. If you start a new game you’ll get the story introduction videos and finally if you die you get the death video. Videos can be skipped at any time by pressing the left mouse button or hitting escape, which will then move on to the next video if several are playing in series. Other videos will be played at the appropriate times, as the gameplay implementation progresses. You’ll be able to set the video path but if you do not, it’ll first look Β in the same Arena2 directory that the rest of the game data resides. Failing that, it’ll look in the DFCD/Dagger/Arena2 directory, assuming that you’re playing the free version from Bethesda. If you have the CD-ROM version, you’ll need to set the path yourself in the DXL_Settings file (Movies=Path).

Go to the Downloads page to get the latest version.

Some movie screenshots

The next big “feature” for this version is the addition of many missing sound effects. Effects include a UI sounds (mouse clicking, equip sounds, sound when collecting gold, etc.), weapon attack/miss sounds, monster sounds, landing, switches and so on. The sound scape is not complete yet, and some tweaking is still required, but more work will be done in future builds.

When you die, it now plays the death movie (see last screenshot above) and returns you to the Load/Start New Game screen.

Finally, falling damage has been implemented.

So next up – Character Creation. As I said before, it’ll now be the only feature for the next build but it’ll be a big one. πŸ™‚

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