With the character creation and gameplay support fast approaching, I decided that it’s about time to show where DaggerXL is now – as of build 0.181. I’ve done this by putting together a movie showing fighting through Privateer’s Hold (now with sound effects), saving and loading, falling damage, movie support (though movies are skipped pretty quickly to save time). In addition the movie shows getting out of Privateer’s Hold and running to Gothway Gardens and traveling to several different locations throughout the Bay.

So if you don’t have Daggerfall, just want to see how far along the project is before investing or just want to see more of DaggerXL – watch the video below. Note that there are issues and bugs that you’ll see, remember this is still Pre-Alpha and a work in progress. πŸ™‚

I’ve uploaded the video onto Youtube in 2 parts. You can watch these videos at 480p on Youtube for extra quality.

DaggerXL Version 0.18 – Part 1 on Youtube

DaggerXL Version 0.18 – Part 2 on Youtube

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