DaggerXL version 0.19 has been released. The biggest item added by this release is Character Creation. It is not 100% complete, but is enough to start working on different skills and character types. It is complete enough that it is easier to tell you what it doesn’t have rather then what it does. 🙂

Things missing, but only for now:
*Generate you class by answering 10 questions. This is probably the least important thing missing since you can still select your class from the list. So this isn’t really limiting.
*Custom Class. For now you must select from one of the pre-created classes.

In addition, I need to work on the item system some more before many of the items that you’d normally get from the Background questions get added. The system is there, right up to the Item Manager itself. Basically I need to organize the item database a little differently before I can enable everything. So your initial item layout will not match vanilla Daggerfall at this point, but that will be fixed soon – I plan on doing this in the next build.

Also not all skills are useful right now, but every skill, advantage, disadvantage and other character property is now stored, saved and accessible by the game. This means that all the data is there for me to continue implementing all the abilities. This also means that it will be difficult to play through Privateer’s Hold with a non-melee class right now. But this will become easier as more abilities are implemented.

I also improved the save system not only to handle the new class data but also to fix various issues. I’ve also taken the first steps to make saves work correctly with different dungeons. The next build will start saving the state of the world properly, i.e. monsters that you’ve killed will stay dead, treasure you’ve collected will still be collected, stuff you’ve dropped will be there, etc.

In the next build I will be fixing up the Item Database and getting the initial item load-outs to be correct. And I will be making the save system fully functional as mentioned above. Finally I will make other dungeons work, so you can explore more then just Privateer’s Hold. And the last thing will be to fix the graphical alignment issues with some of the heads. 🙂

Following that I will implement proper resting, loot tables, random encounters/monsters (not just bears), skill advancement, more skill implementations and leveling.

After that comes more monsters (the full set hopefully) and full skill use (except for magic and missile attacks). Then comes the magic and ranged attack systems, followed by any additional missing tech. needed for the full dungeon exploring experience. And that will be the time when I go on to the rest of the experience (Questing, Guilds, Shops, NPC interaction and so on).

Get the latest version from the Downloads Page.

Important: Saves from previous versions of DaggerXL will NOT work with this version.