My crunch time is over at the end of this week. This means that regular progress will resume on DaggerXL and DarkXL next week – thanks for hanging out during these periods of little activity.

The next build of DaggerXL will feature enhancements to the Dungeon gameplay, including:

  • Proper loot tables.
  • Helmets (previously missing due to the way the compositing works).
  • Proper resting.
  • Skill advancement and leveling.
  • Additional work on implementing and refining skill usage.
  • Proper random encounters.
  • Item interaction on the character “doll” in the inventory screen.

The following build will allow players to enter and explore all dungeons, including the capital castles/palaces.

Once that works, I will move on to the spell and projectile systems, rounding out the dungeon experience.

And of course once the dungeon experience is complete (or at least enough to be playable) I will move on to the surface/town elements such as quests, NPCs, guilds, shops and so on. Before this can occur I will replace the existing UI system with the scripted UI and gameflow, like I’m putting into DarkXL. This will allow the UI heavy gameplay elements to be dealt with easier (in-game script reloading FTW…) as well as making DaggerXL that much more moddable in the future.


Thanks for your patience. 🙂