As I’m working toward Version 0.20, I decided to release an interim build with about half the features implemented.

I’m doing this for multiple reasons:

  • To get a new build of DaggerXL out sooner.
  • To get the save system upgrade out there sooner, since it will invalidate old saves again. However this should be the last time that happens – at least for a long time.
  • Resting is one of the features that people have been dying to get and this build has it.

So what is new to version 0.195?

The first thing is the upgraded save system that I talked about last time. The environment data is now serialized – at least for dungeons – so that the current state of the immediate world is now saved. This includes animation states, AI states, loot data (what loot is out there, what has been collected), dead bodies and their loot, object states – including switch states and movement/animation states, door states and more. In addition the player’s orientation is now saved as well as whether they have a weapon sheathed or not. Finally not only stats are saved but the starting stats used for leveling, the current usage tallies for each stat, the time since the last skill increase and all the data needed for skill advancement and leveling.

Next resting has been partially implemented. “Rest Until Healed” works completely (finally!), including skill advancement checks (see below). “Rest for a while” and “Loiter” are not implemented yet, they will be in the next build. “Rest for a while” just does the same thing as “Rest Until Healed” and Loiter doesn’t do anything. Also random encounters are missing, they will be in version 0.20.

Finally skill advancement has been implemented. It is possible to raise implemented skills just as you would in Daggerfall, and this happens during resting – assuming enough time has elapsed since the last skill increase. The difficulty of increasing your skill is based on how high it currently is as well as your classes’ advancement multiplier. Skill uses are added to skills whenever a skill check is performed, whether the skill use succeeds or not. Continous effect skills – such as running – are checked at regular intervals, whereas other skills are only checked on use. As skills are implemented, the advancement phase will work automatically with no other changes to the advancement, rest or save systems.

Right now not all skills are implemented, though many are including: Running, Climbing, Dodging, Critical Strike and various weapon skills.


Next up for Version 0.20:

  • Leveling (right now skills go up, but the character can’t advance in levels). This is simply adding the UI – everything else is done.
  • “Rest for a While” and “Loitering”
  • Loot tables and Helmets.
  • Random Encounters.
  • Item interaction on the character “doll.”

You can download the latest version on the Downloads Page.