As I’ve stated elsewhere I’m releasing another interim DaggerXL build. This build only has one new feature, but it’s a big one…

General dungeon support!

Most dungeons in the game are now explorable, with 3 notable exceptions that I know of: Daggerfall Castle, Wayrest and Sentinel. While you can enter those locations, there is an anomaly that causes strange visuals and will most likely crash DaggerXL. I’ve tried several other dungeons and have not run into this problem. This will be one of the issues I fix for the proper 0.20 build.

There are other things to be aware of. All random monsters are still bears, this will be fixed in version 0.20 as previously stated. Not all features work, such as Teleports (you can still see the markers since they are not currently handled). Without an automap it is very easy to get lost so you can hit F10 at any time to return to the entrance (this only works if you enter from the outside, also note that there is a long delay sometimes – just wait it out). Remember that I just got this feature working a few minutes ago, so dungeons outside of Privateer’s Hold may have issues or errors. But the system is in place and working, so hard part is done – I’ll fix the issues over time. 🙂

Now for some pictures:

As usual, you can download it from the Downloads Page.