Version 0.198 has been released, it is essentially just a bug fix build. I’ll go over the changes:

  • Fixed save crash bug in many dungeons.
  • Fixed teleport tag issues (though teleport still doesn’t function).
  • Random monsters are actually random now, though not using the correct monster sets.
  • Dungeon start and current location ID are now saved in the Save Format. Note 0.197 saves will still load.
  • Added a coordinate and location ID view – hit F11. Use this view when reporting issues.

Remember that when reporting bugs inside the dungeons, hit F11 before taking your screenshot. This has the local dungeon coordinates plus the location ID. This will allow me to teleport here in the future. Previously, once you entered a dungeon and saved – if you reload the game later it would forget where the dungeon start was. This means you’d have to find your way out of the dungeon the hard way. That has been fixed, the start point and location ID are both saved, though the old saves will still load just fine.

You can download it from the Downloads page.