The DaggerXL project will soon be merged together with DarkXL as the XL Engine. While the merge itself hasn’t begun yet (see the previous post for a time table), I have begun to consolidate the communities and sites that are dealing with these projects. The forums for all these projects will now be here: The new site, will now host a new blog that will cover all the projects and the site will host news and downloads when it’s setup. I will be setting things up in the next week, after which point I’ll remove downloads from these blogs. This will also be the last blog post made specifically for this blog, though I will still put up posts here with links to the new blog so returning visitors aren’t left behind. To that end the blogs will remain operational for a while yet.

So please visit the new forums to get acquainted with them and register if you like. The site/blog isn’t fully setup yet, but as I said that will be happening within the next week.

The good news is that the new site is a properly hosted site, meaning that I have more control and things can be centralized (site, blog, forum and file hosting all on that site). This also means that things like a wiki or other features can be added later.