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This website is for the project DaggerXL – A Modern Daggerfall Engine Recreation for current Operating Systems and hardware – essentially it is a remake in the spirit of a port. It will ultimately fully emulate the game of Daggerfall and then optionally enhance it by refining existing features and adding new gameplay elements that were originally intended. The game will make use of hardware acceleration providing higher resolutions, color depth, greatly improved visibility, better texture filtering, enhanced performance and more.

DaggerXL is be just an engine, you need the original game data to play. I will not distribute any Daggerfall assets or knowingly provide information on obtaining free copies of the game – other then the version provided by Bethesda themselves. This is a legal project, I do not intent to step on Bethesda’s toes or violate their copyrights.

This blog provides a diary of the DaggerXL development process and hosts the software itself.


59 Responses to “About”

  1. Rpgingmaster Says:

    This sounds like an extremely intriguing concept. I look forward to its eventualy release and hope it makes Daggerfall as fun as was intended (or even better)

  2. Komentator Says:

    Daggerfall has been released for free. Check out the official website.

  3. LaForge Says:

    I have been waiting for this for a long time. No one has ever been interested in this idea, or at least taken it seriously until now. Daggerfall always had the potential to be the greatest RPG ever, but was always plagued by bad feature implementation and mediocre graphics.

  4. andy Says:

    This is the greates idea ever! AWESOME!
    This was my dream for the last 10 years!
    thank you so much, keep up the great work!

  5. ankkwn Says:

    Hey, I just found out about this site, very interesting what youre doing here. I wanted Bethesda to release not only Daggerfall as a free game, but the source code of it as well. Would you think having that would help?

    1. luciusdxl Says:

      Of course releasing the source code would help 🙂 but I don’t think it’s very likely. I’m operating under the assumption that source code will never be released and if it is I suspect that the project will be far enough along that it’d just be used as reference anyway.

      1. snowflakie Says:

        I remember reading in a Bethesda announcement that the source code was lost long time ago (as silly as it sounds). There are still some sites that quote it, like “..was presented by Bethesda as fact that the source code for the game had been lost forever. ”

        In any case, looks like a lovely project.

  6. Wolf Says:

    Daggerfall is now free to DL, as I’m sure you all know.

    1. luciusdxl Says:

      Komentator mentioned this in the second comment above. Also the download link is also on this site as well.

  7. I love this. Ill have to keep an eye on this project. Once iots near completion ill do a feature on wethegamerz about it .

    Keep up the good work 🙂

  8. Apocalypso Says:

    Hope you get somewhere with this- I’d like to play Daggerfall sometime.

    1. luciusdxl Says:

      Don’t forget to check out the posts, screenshots, movies and forums. 🙂

  9. Darkwing Says:

    I’m really looking forward to playing this again. Awesome work so far. 😀

  10. Ironwolf Says:

    I just found this site and I must say I am thrilled. I actually went out and purchased an old (very old) laptop to play Daggerfall on. I still have my original CD. Of all the RPGs Dagger was the best of the best. The amazing story line and virtually endless world are unequaled.

    I hope this comes to fruition and know that you are doing something great here. Honestly, what a gift to the ES community!

    Thanks again and keep well.

    ~I fought in the 8bit wars~

  11. daedalus Says:

    youre doing a great job. im working on an engine for ad&d based games. it’s a lot of hard work. great job again!

  12. Tony Says:

    Fantastic! Like many Daggerfall fans, I’ve been hoping for the day when something like this would be done. On behalf of us all, thank you! The movies & screenshots look very tantalizing. Please keep up the great work so we can all revel in Daggerfall reborn!

    1. luciusdxl Says:

      Thanks. 🙂

      Don’t forget that you can look at the current version which you can get in the downloads section.

  13. Pudabudigada Says:

    Since Daggerfall is now freeware, could you make a ‘download and play’ version? Thanks.

    1. luciusdxl Says:

      Believe it or not, I still need to get their permission to do this. However it is something I plan on pursuing.

  14. Tomas Says:


    I think this is great what you’re doing. Going out of your way to help Daggerfall be the best it can be and realise it’s full potential.

    I’ve unearthed my copy of Daggerfall for when this project is completed, and i really can’t wait.

    Thank you.

  15. jake Says:

    Is there any chance the meshes or sprites can be remodeled?

  16. Varg Says:

    I can’t believe someone is actually doing this… This greatness is beyond my capability to word myself. I will make sure to keep an eye on this coming masterpiece!

  17. Mattias Says:

    What a fantastic idea! I was just going to fire up my old Daggerfall copy when I thought to myself, “Hmm, I wonder if there are any higher resolution mods?” and ended up here.

    Please don’t give up on this project! It sounds too awesome to vaporize!

    1. Nick Says:

      I’m exactly the same. I felt like some Daggerfall, and I actually might give it another go while waiting for this amazing project to be finished…

  18. Thomas Says:

    I’m really looking forward to this. Daggerfall is still my favorite game in the series and to be able to play it on my current computer at higher resolutions would be a wonderful thing.

    Keep up the good work!

  19. WCG Says:

    Good luck with this. I’ve got fond memories of Daggerfall. It just blew me away when I first got it. (That might be hard to understand these days. Certainly, a recent attempt at a replay – on an old computer – didn’t last too long.)

    But I’ll be anxious to try this out, when you get a little further along.

  20. Tom Says:

    I just want to say I think what you are doing is wonderful. I really cant wait for the finished product, kudos to you man.

  21. Reid Says:

    I tried installing it to use with the daggerfall install I’ve been playing through DOSbox. The game refuses to play and requests a map.bsa which does not exist in my install file. Any idea what to do?

    1. luciusdxl Says:

      Make sure that you use the largest install option and that you set the path in the DXL_Settings file to your Daggerfall path.

  22. Prostetnic Vegan Jeltz Says:

    I came across this project when I went looking for info about configuring DF to be playable using a pad rather than mouse&keyboard (at which I suck). Are you overhauling the controls or is that beyond your remit? Regardless, I am very impressed and excited about your project – congratulations!

  23. Woodbine Says:

    This project is so great! I loved Daggerfall,
    we don’t see such cRPGs anymore, I really can’t wait to see it finished. Thx so much for your effort, and keep up the good work 🙂

  24. Link6746 Says:

    I have played computer games since I was five (I grew up on windows 95 and Nintendo- Doom, Mario, and Zelda).

    Even having played games like Doom 3 and Oblivion first, System Shock and Daggerfall drew me in and impressed me more than those had ever done- The engines were a lot more efficiently coded, the gameplay features were more ambitious (and thanks to fan mods and CD versions, now bug free for Daggerfall and System Shock), and the graphics were of very high quality for their day- a little filtering and shader effects and you can’t even tell that it was made ten, fifteen, or twenty years ago.

    In today’s gaming environment, I believe that any aspiring developer should look to the past for inspiration- most of the best examples of today’s core gaming concepts, casual games included (see lemmings) were created in the dos era, and hold up better than their modern cousins with a few small changes and a bit of new paint.

  25. SirSabin Says:

    Just want to say thanks for what you’re doing; it’s great to know that interest still exists in making Daggerfall the masterpiece it could have been.

  26. Joseph Says:

    Wow, this is awesome! I just recently discovered Daggerfall and its awesomeness, and what you are doing for the game is just amazing. Thanks.

  27. Eru Says:

    Will you accept donations in the future? I really would like to see you finish this project, and if you need compensation for it then so be it.

    1. luciusdxl Says:

      I did for a little while, specifically for website/forum costs (such as ad removal). However I realized that asking for donations sets up a few unfortunate expectations, at least this early in the project. Maybe once it is fully playable, I can reconsider.

      Thanks for the support though. 🙂

  28. Pudabudigada Says:

    Until this is released you can try this: if you want to play daggerfall, the site’s in french but don’t worry, just click on ‘telechargement’ to download and the installer in in english, this will download and install daggerfall and dosbox together so the experience is almost the same as installing a new game (without the digital restrictions management :-)). (note you may need to change some things in the ‘dosboxconf’ file such as the renderer used) this site also does arena.

  29. ZachJN Says:

    I just want you to know how excited I was to hear about this. I had often thought about how cool it would be to upgrade games such as Daggerfall. There isn’t anything out there today that can even compare to Daggerfall’s raw ambition and epic scope. Its still the best game I’ve ever played. Hopefully you can make it even better ^_^ if, in the future, you ever need some funding I would consider donating.

  30. Kris Says:

    I’m glad to hear about this project, especially now that I’ve pretty much played out Morrowind and Oblivion. One question: are you planning to update the controls to use a keyboard/mouse combination more like the later games? I remember the original movement/looking controls being somewhat clunky.

    1. luciusdxl Says:

      You can setup “view” based controls in Daggerfall, which act very much controls in the more modern games (such as Morrowind). This is the default (and currently only) option when running DaggerXL.

  31. Shodex Says:

    Now that Daggerfall it’s free, it’d be cool to see the actual game get included with the Daggerfall XL install. So long as you credit, Bethesda has no reason to care.

    Maybe in a future version, yes?

  32. Jason Says:

    Too bad I can’t get this to work on my windows 7 64 bit pc. :/

  33. Argoyne Says:

    Cool project, a heck of a lot of work so all the best getting it finished and congrats for getting so far.

    This is the game that caused me to suffer a pathological hatred/fear of dungeons the combination of a map that seemed to be designed to prevent finding the exit and general game instability made them too much for my fragile mind. Still I did spend a lot of time playing it after I got some cheats that and mark-recall eased the suffering.

  34. Aleksey Says:

    Nice job!
    And one question – i cant use save games from original DF? I wanted to create my own character…

  35. Jordan McLeod Says:

    This is awesome. I realize that it’s an over-used word, but it’s the only word that comes to mind. You’ve made a game that we all know and love and updated it into this thing, this awesome-looking, ass-kicking cognition of wonderment. I can’t wait to see more.

    Kudos, to you.

  36. Gilgameš Says:

    I just had to post in a comment to tell you how very much I appreciate your project.

    All I can say is keep up the good work.

    And godspeed!

  37. Julian Says:

    Unfortunately, it would seem that you didn’t provide your email address anywhere on this site, making you rather hard to contact. Well, now you have mine so you can get in touch if you want to.

    Original programmer of the first Elder Scrolls games, including Daggerfall.

  38. misutarpgpureya Says:

    Man, this is a project of epic gaming for sure! I had a blast playing Morrowind and Oblivion, and am prepared to sacrifice my life once the next installment hits on 11/11/11. The same can be said for this project as well, Daggerfall is such an epic game. I’m sending programmer mojo your way, keep up the fantastic work!

  39. lotg Says:

    I tried getting DosBox to work with Bethesda’s release of Daggerfall not long ago, but gave up. Last week I went back, and couldn’t find anything on the site besides the Skyrim preview. So I found another download of it, and have been playing nothing else. This project looks amazing.My only problem with the game is its poor graphics and buginess, which appear to be aims in this project. Good luck!

  40. clay Says:

    I feel so nostalgic…this project nearly brings tears to my eyes!

  41. Nick Says:

    I’ve only just discovered Daggerfall – never came across it back in the day. Downloaded it from Bethesda, and that first moment outside when I got to look at a map… I could lose a lifetime in a landmass that size.

    I had to search for source code, there had to be some, but no! No (comparatively)easy GL conversion possible 😦

    Then I discovered this site: suddenly there’s hope for what could easily be the best RPG ever to aquire the definition and pixel counts it so rightly deserves. I’ll be able to immerse myself for hours on end without so much as the slightest headache!

    You’re an absolute god – completely insane, but I suppose that goes with the terretory :p
    when it’s done you need to put in a temple to yourself… a really big temple that shows off the capabilities of your engine when fed with modern models and textures!

  42. Trenchman Says:

    I was really hoping that something like this would be in the works. I haven’t played a whole lot of Daggerfall, but I really like it so far and with an engine remake like this I could see myself really getting into the game. I was also wondering if you are planning on rendering items that are on the ground, weapons & armor mostly, in 3D. One of my favorite parts of morrowind and Oblivion was collection all of the equipment and displaying it in my house, or on armor stands with mods, and it would actually give the houses a use. Anyway, this looks great and I, as with many other people, am looking forward to it. Great work! Keep it up!

  43. ChrisWein Says:

    It could be really cool to hear which developing tools that you are using to make this nice engine for this remarkable game.

    1. luciusdxl Says:

      Nothing special – mainly Visual Studio / C++.

  44. hauntir Says:

    Really intresting, I am palying Daggerfall for the first time but I would really love improved graphics and lightnig like what you’re doing. Good luck on this!

  45. Paratroper Lirelou Says:

    I really want to help with this project! Please tell me what can I do!

  46. OrcMaster117 Says:

    How do I install this?

  47. Peter Supan Says:

    Whoever you are, many thanks for that. It’s exactly what I wished for (but couldn’t yet do myself because of lack of reverse engineering skills).
    Is this open-source (means possible for me to contribute) or a fixed team?

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