** Downloads are no longer available here. To get the latest version of DaggerXL or DarkXL please go here. **

This version is outdated, this page will be removed soon.

Pre-Alpha version 0.198

Click the link below to download:
Please read through the information and then download here.

ModDB Mirror for 0.198.

Temporary Mirror for 0.198.

*Special Note* If you put a link to this build on your website or article, please link to this page rather then the file itself so that people see the instructions and other information. Thank you. 🙂

Build Information

Version 0.198 Changes:

  • Fixed save crash bug in many dungeons.
  • Fixed teleport tag issues (though teleport still doesn’t function).
  • Random monsters are actually random now, though not using the correct monster sets.
  • Dungeon start and current location ID are now saved in the Save Format. Note 0.197 saves will still load.
  • Added a coordinate and location ID view – hit F11. Use this view when reporting issues.

Version 0.197 Changes:

  • General Dungeon Support.
  • Fixed a bug where skills could be advanced even when the player couldn’t rest due to nearby monsters.

Version 0.195 Changes:

  • Upgraded Save System.
  • World Serialization.
  • Rest System.
  • Additional and Improved Skill Implementations.
  • Skill Advancement.
  • Fixed “-1” save slot bug.
  • Fixed bug where music would change to an exterior track even while still inside when going from one day to the next.

Version 0.190 Changes:

  • Character Creation System.
  • Improved Save System.
  • Improved Font Rendering.

Version 0.181 Changes:

  • Fixed a crash when clicking on UI elements 32 times or more  in a single dialog.
  • Fixed repeating click sounds when “scrubbing” the music/sound volume sliders. Now the click is only heard once when pressing the left mouse button.

Version 0.18 Changes:

  • Daggerfall VID playback support. (If DaggerXL cannot find the VID files, be sure to add Movies=Path_To_VidFiles to the DXL_Settings file.)
  • Movies are now played at appropriate times, such as the story introduction when selecting “Start New Game”
  • Many sound effects have been implemented, including sounds for monsters, fighting (hitting, missing), UI (clicking, equipping, collecting money).
  • When the player dies, the death movie plays and then they are returned to the Load/Start New Game screen.
  • Falling damage has been implemented.

Version 0.17 Changes:

  • Game controls are now set from the in-game control dialog.
  • Mouse settings are set from the in-game mouse dialog.
  • Changing sound and music volume is now supported.
  • Changing the detail is supported, which modifies the exterior view distance.
  • An bug with the compass has been fixed, which would cause the direction reported to fluctuate based on how far up or down you were looking.
  • Up to 6 custom named save games are now supported (just like the original).
  • Save games now work for dungeons and interiors as well as exterior areas.
  • Save games now store character stats (such as HP), inventory and equipped items.
  • Save games store the time of day, the current music track and ambient sounds playing.
  • Many UI elements implemented.
  • Many missing controls have been implemented, such as a key to ready your weapon.

Version 0.16 Changes:

  • Added the start screen after the title screen. This allows you to Load you quick save, start a new game in Privateer’s Hold (the previous default) or exit the program.
  • Hitting escape while in-game no longer exits the program. Instead it brings up the options menu which allows you to save (quick save for now), load (quick load), exit or continue the game.
  • The Options button on the main UI now works.
  • The rest button now advances time by several hours, allowing you to change the time without having to fast travel a lot or reload the program.
  • Ground work laid for quick implementation of the remaining UI.

Version 0.15 Changes:

  • Models now change textures properly when changing regions. The problem where models that have already been loaded didn’t change textures has been fixed.
  • The problem where you’d get teleported to a random location when clicking on a region in the fast travel map has been fixed. This was caused by the mouse button event being triggered improperly if you continued to hold the button down.
  • Various problems with Block Record Indices has been fixed. The problem caused tiles to be missing in some cities as well as the incorrect tile being displayed occasionally.
  • When fast traveling to a location, you now start at an edge, looking in, rather then in a seemingly random location (which could be inside a building).

Version 0.14 Changes:

  • A second build fixes the quick save/load so that it doesn’t always take you to Sentinel.
  • Initial terrain system implemented.
  • Fast travel map more fully implemented (filters and regions work)
  • All regions and locations are available for fast travel.
  • Various other minor changes and setup for future features.

Version 0.13 Changes:

  • The “I” key is no longer hard-coded. The game will not crash when hitting the I key anymore.
  • 320×200 mode works in exteriors now.

Version 0.12 Changes:

  • Fixed a bug with the texture replacement code.

Version 0.11 Changes:

  • Removed ‘F’ and ‘G’ debug keys, they were causing confusion and were not intended to be in the build.
  • Texture Replacer mods are now supported. Note that only non-animated textures can be changed right now.

Version 0.10 Changes:

  • Extended Feature: Glow implemented.
  • HMI midi music playback implemented (it does not loop correctly yet, though).
  • Sound Effect system implemented, with some sound effects implemented such as doors.
  • The dungeon exit now works, you can go outside!
  • Streaming world implemented, with every location in the Daggerfall region working.
  • Foilage and temporary flat terrain.
  • Exterior locations implemented, such as towns, crypts and dungeon exteriors.
  • Building interiors, including NPCs.
  • Working Interior Doors.
  • Exterior, wandering NPCs.
  • Time of day, including sky rendering.
  • Extended feature, sky filter implemented.
  • Sky fogging implemented.
  • Proper exterior window color support.
  • Time of day lighting.
  • Cross fading between sky changes.
  • Initial climbing implementation.
  • Horse travel mode, though no horse is displayed so it looks like a fast run.
  • Levitate spell, used by hitting Backspace. Note that it is free to cast for now.
  • Fast traveling implemented.
  • Quick Save and Load. Quick save only works in exteriors (F1), quick load works anywhere.
  • And much more. 🙂

Fixes and changes:

  • The crashes are fixed.
  • Looting range has been fixed.
  • Looting bodies and treasure piles should work much better now.
  • The inverted stab/overhead swing are fixed.
  • The FOV matches Daggerfall much better now.
  • CPU_Light mode has been added.
  • VSync can now be enabled.
  • A God Mode cheat has been added to help with testing.
  • Custom control bindings can be setup.
  • An experimental extended feature has been implemented – Fake Bumpmapping. See below.

This is an early, pre-alpha demo of DaggerXL. It demonstrates one working dungeon, Privateer’s Hold, and several graphical and gameplay features. These include:

  • Authentic rendering of Privateer’s Hold
  • Lighting
  • Dynamic and interactive flats (treasure)
  • Interactive Objects such as the throne room elevator and switch.
  • Collision detection and player physics
  • Partially completed UI system.
  • Player stats, attributes and character screen
  • Inventory screen and working inventory system.
  • Enemies with AI.
  • Melee combat system using stats, weapon skills, armor, combat moves (swings) and different weapons.
  • Looting.
  • Player health and death.
  • Graphical options for performance and varying visual quality. This includes an emulated 320×200 mode with no filtering for those who would prefer to play that way. Texture/sprite filtering is also optional and may be turned off.

What you need to play the current version.

In addition you need the following to run the current version:

The full version of Daggerfall – patch to version 213, get it for free here.

OpenAL drivers, get them here, choose the OpenAL Installer for Windows oalinst

Proper D3DX dlls, update here.


Unzip the DaggerXL_Version0181.zip file into it’s own directory, such as C:\DaggerXL

Setup your DXL_Settings.txt file.

Set the Daggerfall Arena2 directory, the default is Dagger=C:\Daggerfall\Arena2

TexFilter=0-3, 0: no texture filtering (pixelated), 1: bilinear, 2: trilinear, 3: anisotropic (best but slowest).

ResX, ResY= your screen resolution or window size. This defaults to 1024×768.

Emulate320x200=0 for normal rendering, 1 to render into a 320×200 buffer and then stretch the results to fit your resolution or window size. This makes the game look very much like the DOS version.

LightRange=1-10, default = 1. This determines how far away lights can be and still be rendered.

CPU_Light=0: regular full speed rendering, 1: DaggerXL will consume less CPU time.

Vsync=0: vsync is disabled, 1: vsync is enabled.

FakeBump=0: regular texturing, 1: real time approximate bumpmapping derived from texture surfaces.

GodMode=0: regular combat, 1: if you run out of health or fatigue, it is refilled in place instead of “dying.”

SmoothSky=0: regular sky, 1: smoothed sky.

Bloom=0: no bloom, 1: bloom – a glow effect around bright lightsources.

Effect of Various Graphical Settings

Emulate 320×200


TexFilter = 0


TexFilter = 1


TexFilter = 3


FakeBump = 0


FakeBump = 1


To discuss the demo, see this topic on the DaggerXL forums. Have fun and let me know what you think!

Finally! The download


146 Responses to “Downloads”

  1. Muumipappa Says:

    This is awesome! Looks great!

  2. Jordan Says:

    I would love for there to be a Mac version… how (un)likely is that?

    Nice work so far, btw!

    1. luciusdxl Says:

      Pretty far off I’m afraid. However there will be a Linux version eventually so I might have someone do the port for me after that happens.

      1. Jordan Says:

        If you give me a link, I will pay. I swear to god. Right now, I’m running Daggerfall through Dosboxer (Mac dosbox front end, very nice), but I’d love to run with full 3D support.

        You’ll be getting a donation if this makes it to the mac side of things, I promise you. Take that for what it’s worth.

      2. Jordan Says:

        What does it take to make a port, if you’ve got all the code in place? If there’s anything I can do, let me know. I don’t know programming, but if there’s a step by step sort of thing out there, I’m definitely up for it.

      3. Spell Says:

        You could work with SDL and OGL instead of DirectX. That would also make it really easy to port it to Linux and Mac. (And some other platforms too.) (SDL takes care of everything OS dependant. It makes it a lot easier to write cross-compatible games)

      4. luciusdxl Says:

        I understand what you are saying. However this is a hobby project and I prefer to use DirectX (and yes I’ve used OpenGL in the past). This means that all the primary development will use DirectX. However an OpenGL version will also be implemented in the future as well as a Linux version.

      5. luciusdxl Says:

        This was supposed to be a reply to Spell’s comment, which was the last reply to comment 3. Sorry if this seemed confusing, it makes sense in context. 🙂

      6. Avatar Says:

        nevermind my crash comment i got daggerxl running by patching up to latest version 🙂 removed the dosfiles in the main dagger dir and placed daggerxl , man could you add autorun feature and totally configurable controls, that would rule =)

        Love the new graphics , cant wait till its beta..

    2. Alexis Says:

      MAC is not the good place for playing. Go buy a good PC 😉

  3. Luis Says:

    Looks intriguing, but it made my computer crash with a blue screen of death just after starting. Still, great developement!

    Maybe the problem was on my side with wrong configuration or something.

    Great work! Hope that everything goes smoothly.

  4. Luis Says:

    Nevermind, got it working. Incredible developement!

  5. Robsoie Says:

    If you unfortunately own an Intel graphic card that has a GMA up to version 3100, because their badly done card and drivers features only a “dodgy” support of Pixel Shaders 2.0, you may see only a black screen and if you rotate on yourself a white sprite for the fire camp.

    You can work around this problem by downloading 3D Analyzer 2.6b (easy to find on google).

    At the 3D Analyzer window, click on Select and point it to DaggerXL.exe

    Now tick the case “Force max Pixel Shaders version 1.4”, that’s all.
    Then click on Run always on the 3D Analyzer window, it will load DaggerXL and you will be able to play.

    Unfortunately the gamma of the textures seems totally off (though the gamma of the sprite is ok) , but at least you will be able to play.

    1. Robsoie Says:

      Forgot to mention, alternatively for such graphic card, you have SwiftShader 2.01.
      It emulates the shader 2.0 nearly perfectly (and the gamma is never off for any textures), but it is a very lot slower than 3D Analyzer 2.6b

      Tweak a bit the SwiftShader.ini to try to get better performance, but it will remains overall slow

  6. Adam Says:

    I just tried things on Wine (Ubuntu Jaunty), and it was a no-go.

    Not that you should worry about that in the slightest, but just for future reference (note: I didn’t do anything fancy–I just edited the text file, and then clicked on the .exe)

  7. duncan Says:

    Hey that’s pretty nifty!

  8. dave Says:

    Will be a Linux version available ?

    1. luciusdxl Says:

      Eventually Linux support is planned, not for a while yet though sorry.

    2. Lemon Says:

      If you want to play video games, Linux is NOT the best way…

      1. Juchmis Says:

        Pretty much this.

  9. Ben L. Says:

    Fantastic. If you finish this my happiness will be complete.

  10. Will Says:

    Good work indeed my friend. Very impressed, very promising, looks very nice too visually, easier on the eyes than the daggerfall on dosbox. I’ll be keeping an eye on this 🙂

    Get a full release asap!!! 😉

    Keep up the hard work

  11. Dan Says:

    Hei mate, this is great! Is the project open-sourced? I would love to help and contribute, and I am quite sure it would end up being very popular.
    Please tell me if there is a way to join the team… or just help.

    1. luciusdxl Says:

      Not at this time but I’ll let you know when there is a way for you to help. Thanks.

      1. Graham Says:

        If it does become open sourced, count me in too! I am a full time computer programmer with 15 years experience, and would love to help with this project.

        I also am wondering if this project will in it’s later versions support some of the features from the pre-release versions which were left out of the final release:


  12. Jacopo Says:

    Wow, daggerfall is the best game ever, congratulation for your work, can’t wait to try.. is it so hard to do a mac versione? just a question, I ain’t no programmer..
    congratulation for you work

    1. luciusdxl Says:

      Q: “is it so hard to do a mac versione?”
      A: Yes – I don’t own a Mac. 😛 I will have someone else do the port but not until the code is more complete.

  13. Poul Says:

    Awesome work on this! Looking forward to seeing this thing develop!
    Thanks for putting it up for all of us to keep up with!

  14. Steven Says:

    I have been waiting years for something like this. Thank you for undertaking such a project and please see it through to the end, I, we, are counting on you!

    Having played Morrowind and Oblivion, I have always considered Daggerfall the best and to be able to play with better graphics and some of the other improvements you plan will be truly amazing.

    Thanks Again.

  15. David Says:

    Wow just wow!! im really happy. great work so far. please do not quit!!!
    any possibility of replace the flats with 3d models???

    1. luciusdxl Says:

      That will be possible eventually.

  16. Super Llama Says:

    WOW. The furthest any DF remake has gotten, and it’s still active! I’d love to help out when you’re accepting a team, I’ve been programming for about 7 years and know C++ pretty well.

  17. Ozzy Says:

    You effing rock!

    I had asked someone at Bethesda if they’d ever release the source to Daggerfall, so that an active modding community could spring up (and so the dungeons could be made playable – the built-in 3d map suxxors). Alas, their answer was “no”.

    Definitely the best in the series, and one of the best RPGs to date!

    Thank you for taking this on! Looks amazing so far!

  18. Samantha Graves Says:

    Please finish this project soon, I’m really*** looking forward to it, I used to play this back in High School and it was alot of fun.

  19. De4dly Says:

    Thanks for cheering me up with this project.
    I look forward to following the progress and enjoying the result.
    Also, good to see Daggerfall respected. It is a shame the direction Bethesda took, there is no doubt that Oblivion and Morrowind are accomplishments, but they are not improvements on Daggerfall in any RPG way – the opposite in many ways.
    So, Thanks!

  20. Will Says:

    Superb demo, its really exciting to see how this project is progressing.

  21. toxee Says:

    I couldn’t believe when I saw the update.

    *In tears*

  22. Ghost Line Says:

    I’ve pushed the key “F” and the screen came all black … is it a bug ? I don’t know.

    1. luciusdxl Says:

      No, it’s a debug key (that and ‘G’). It makes you shoot up in the air, through geometry. Try it outside to see what I mean.

  23. Ghost Line Says:

    Yup, I’ve seen that 🙂 sorry for the disturbing 😉

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  25. Dunderminnet Says:

    Awesome work! Now if i could only get those OpenAL drivers, that webpage doesn’t want to load for me. I’ll try again in a few hours.

    1. luciusdxl Says:

      I just tried it and the page loaded fine for me. Let me know if you continue to have problems.

  26. TJCortez Says:

    I fell upon your site by accident and was totally unaware of it – having had a browse round, let me congratulate you on work extremely well done – I particularly like the lighting which gives a nice atmosphere. I wish you well with your project.

  27. adam22 Says:

    hce to miec to gre ktoś powie mi iak iom zrobic

  28. sei un grande Says:

    ti amo

  29. VoroneTZ Says:

    wow! it`s a cool)) but i see small bugs with a direct lights and sprites in a integors.. and sky cube must move with camera… and I hope that in future, all will be cool=)

  30. Edris Falis Says:

    Great site! I am loving it!! Will come back again – taking you feeds also, Thanks.

  31. Hi there, I stumbled upon your blog via Msn while trying to find midi music downloads and your post caught my curiosity.

  32. [..] A bit unrelated, but I really liked this webpage post [..]

  33. Avatar Says:

    Only me that get crashes and bmps created after that?

    1. luciusdxl Says:

      When do you get crashes? When the game starts, when you save, etc.?

    2. Michel Renier Says:

      i have a crash almost immediately after i leave the title screen and the actual game begins. The error message says something about memory which cannot be read.
      Will you be so kind to specify your system configuration.
      By the way, after the crash i also find bmp files in the folder.

  34. Ureksa Says:

    :O so much work has been done since I last checked this blog :O
    This is AWESOME :O ❤

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    1. Zen Says:



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  41. […] mai 2, 2010 DaggerXL Version 0.17 Released! Posted by luciusdxl under Uncategorized [20] Comments  Ca y est, la version 0.17 de DaggerXL est finalement sortie ! Vous pouvez vous la procurer via la section Download. […]

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  44. bilash Says:

    It would help if the game installed like the games today without the emulators.

  45. Zkin Ex Says:

    Is it ok to submit bug reports here? Some image recognition problem prevents me from registering for the forums (I swear, i’m not a robot.) One more thing, please put the DXL_Settings setup instructions in a readme file. Doesn’t make sense to give someone a program without a manual, right?

  46. Mr. X Says:

    OpenAL32.dll is missing.

    Where can I get this file?

  47. Bean Says:

    With the final version you should be able to download, install,and play without having to do anything additional. Or at least give a read-me file with step-by-step instructions. 🙂

    1. luciusdxl Says:

      An installer will be built eventually, as well as a Launcher to detect missing files, conflicts, etc.

  48. Michel Renier Says:

    Is it possible to use this software on Intel GMA 950 integrated video?(Laptop – Acer TravelMate 2490, 512 Mb Ram, Celeron M 1,6 Ghz)
    I try to launch DaggerXL, but all i have is music(cool music, by the way) and totally black screen. When i push any button, the program crashes. I have DirectX 9(updated), OpenAL drivers are installed, Daggerfall is installed from the ISO of the original 1996 version(at least, it works normally with dosbox)
    Does it support any integrated video cards on laptops at all?

    1. luciusdxl Says:

      A fixed function renderer is planned down the road. For now you need a shader model 2 card or better.

  49. Michel Renier Says:

    According to the Robsoie’s post i tried using 3d-analyser.
    DaggerXL crashes when the opening movie ends and the game begins
    it gives a message “Memory cannot be read”

  50. hector Says:

    i love TES and this project, thanks for working for this awesome port, well it will be when is released!

  51. stephen b. andreu Says:

    i love what your doing. I’ve tried getting some one to revamp this game for years. one thing i cant stand playing this on dosbox. it would be great if you could make it windows compatible. harder said then done but would be worth it!

  52. nycos Says:

    this is great !!!!

  53. Daniel Says:

    For some reason, i installed everything correctly. But when i choose new game. The video and stuff comes… and then when i play, i can see the HUD on the bottom, but the screen is black and i cant see anything. It didn’t freeze either because i can walk and jump, but the screen is black. Accept the HUD. Please help!

    1. luciusdxl Says:

      Try turning off bloom in the DXL_Settings files.

  54. xpanterx Says:


    Looked super-sweet so I installed it. First, all my saves where gone, second, I could not make a new character but auto-started as some redguard??? Third, it was really laggy and I could not draw my weapon (among other bugs)….

  55. James Says:

    I tried starting the application and it says “OpenAL32.dll is missing from your computer try reinstalling the program to fix this problem” please help

  56. Eddie Says:

    Holy shit, this is INCREDIBLE!

    Now I’ll be able to rub this in my brother’s face, he HATES games with bad graphics…

  57. greenlight95 Says:

    awesome project!
    i love daggerfall, but on a 22′ screen it isn’t that fun anymore 🙂 thank you for rebuilding one of the best games ever!

    1. Scoffin Says:

      DaggerXL_Version0190.zip only 347 Kb. Where is full version?

      1. luciusdxl Says:

        It is the full version. However DaggerXL requires Daggerfall to be installed to run.

  58. Yoreck Says:

    What about linux version?

    1. Rtyun Says:

      Great idea, I’m also eagerly awaiting the Linux version (yes, Linux with dosbox is perfect for “true” gaming ;). And best games have at least wine compatibility. Not to mention native projects or full ports.

      I’m Morrowind fan and decided to play its predecessor. I belive it’s never too late.

      And people, remember that this is only a PRE-ALFA stage of final product. Don’t complain about that it is not ready yet!

  59. Bennie Says:

    I would pay so much for a mac version.

  60. Piemansam Says:

    I tryed out DaggerXL and it works, but when i get into the dungeon everything is dark and all i can see is part of the tree, a messed up lighting around the fire, the fire, and some random brightened wall… plz help?
    Also i have Arena2 in the DaggerXL folder cause it wasnt working in my norm forlder.

  61. Piemansam Says:

    Also the fire is in a black box. Dunno if that will help or not. Plz help i want to try this out

  62. Gerza Says:

    This looks good. You do you mean by this: “Set the Daggerfall Arena2 directory”? How do I Set up Arena2 directory? For give for I being a noob.

  63. Wesley D Hyatt Says:

    This looks excellent. It actually introduced me to this classic game. I however am not too familiar with dos commands.
    Like comment 71, “what do you mean by “set the daggerfall arena2 directory”
    How do i do that?

    1. wes Says:

      daggerfall_legal_and_installation.pdf tells you how to configure, use the “official” patch to version 213, and install dosbox to emulate dos for the game. (you can find it after downloading the original game from the link up in the instructions) You can then play the original game from dosbox by entering the commands in the final step of the pdf.

      You should have some folder for dosbox (not important) in your program files, and two folders specifically for daggerfall namely C:\dosgames\dagger and C:\dosgames\dfcd.

      In order to use DaggerXL you need to move the folder “dagger” to the C drive and rename it “Daggerfall”.

      The arena2 folder you need to set is now in the correct place because the renamed “dagger” folder contained the arena2 folder.

      That is how you “Set the Daggerfall Arena2 directory, the default is Dagger=C:\Daggerfall\Arena2”

      –it took forever for me to figure that out.

      1. wes Says:

        or you can just open DXL_Settings.txt file within the DaggerXL folder and change the default “Dagger=C:\Daggerfall\Arena2” to “Dagger=C:\dosgames\Dagger\Arena2”

        after doing all the other instructions

        -it seems so simple now.

      2. Corey Says:

        I unzipped DaggerXL into its own directory in my Daggerfall dir, and then modified DXL_Settings.txt to say

        instead of


  64. Draulius Says:

    Daggerfall is in my Program files.
    So should I change the path to:
    Dagger=C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Daggerfall\ARENA2

    Instead of the default?
    Either way whatever I try, I always get
    “failed to load C:\Daggerfall\Arena2\MAPS.BSA”

  65. wes Says:

    DaggerXL developer, could you add a readme in your next patch to tell your changes so far, and what configurations need to be changed… Basically copy the info on this webpage and add a little more to the instructions (particularly about how and when to “set the arena2 directory”.

    Many thanks for considering this idea, and continuing development of this game.

  66. Corey Says:

    Hi Lucius!
    I’m eagerly looking forward to an updated Daggerfall! You’ve definitely taken the smartest approach to it compared to the others who have tried (and given up).
    Anyhoo, I get a “Could not connect to remote server” error, when trying to access the file on Divshare.

    Check out dropbox… It’s a free online storage service, and you can also give out direct links to files you stick on it, without other people needing to create an account to access the direct link. You don’t need to download their client (ignore the download button), since it can all be done through the browser. Just look at the top-right of the screen…

    1. luciusdxl Says:

      DivShare is usually pretty good. It seems to be working now so please try the download again. 🙂

      1. Corey Says:

        Ah, there we go… 🙂


  67. Corey Says:

    Small bug report:
    I use ALT for jump in DF, and I get the Windows error sound (the “ding”) every time I press it while also pressing a key for movement, and sometimes without any other movement keys being pressed. All movement stops (even hanging out in the air) until I press ALT again.
    It’s not the stickykeys feature… 😉

    Also, in Daggerfall (original), the jump key would continuously jump, rather than just jumping once per keypress.

    If I hit Cancel at the Load Game Screen (because there are no savegames…) it exits back to windows instead of going back.

    Great work so far!

  68. Lacey Says:

    I have DF loaded in C:\Games\Daggerfall and the DF_setting to C:\games\Daggerfall\Arean2.
    The drivers required in the instructions are installed. When I run the DaggerfallXL.exe, a blank screen pops up and then the “DaggerXL.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.” screen. It won’t install any files. How to fix this?

    1. luciusdxl Says:

      This would be easier if you posted in the forums: http://daggerxl.50.forumer.com/

      Anyway check the log file and see if you get any errors – it should be “DXL_Log.rtf” in the same directory as DaggerXL. You should also put up your system specs, just in case there’s a problem there. I’d suggest turning off Bloom and fullscreen for now – at least until we identify the problem.

      1. Lacey Says:

        No errors in the log file. I have a Core2Duo 2.2ghz, 4gb ram, 2-750gb HDD, Nvidia 8600gts, CL Augry sound card. I am running the DaggerfallSetup for Windows as my game. It says that DaggerfallXL is compatibale by changing the setting.txt file to point to the correct Arena2 folder, which I did.

  69. Lacey Says:

    Oh I am running XPPro 32bit SP#

    1. luciusdxl Says:

      I’m embarrassed if this is it, but could you try changing the path to (note the extra ‘\’ at the end):


  70. Lacey Says:

    No need to be embarrassed Lucius, you were dead on target. I would have never thought of that although I should have, I work with files quite often. Thank you so much! Blessing,

  71. Lacey Says:

    More problems with game play. 1) I cant choose “custom class” so I can set up my own. 2) I cant change any of the mouse controls. 3) The game will not let me play a female character. I can generate a female but when I enter the main screen, I am a male with the stats I generated. I am unable to play with my preferences. How to fix this?

    1. luciusdxl Says:

      * Custom classes aren’t supported yet. This will be fixed in the future.

      * What do you mean you can’t change mouse controls? Are you referring to inverting the mouse/mouse speed, the buttons or something else?

      * Strange that it won’t let you play a female. That sounds like a bug, strange one at that. I’ll get that fixed for the next version. 🙂

      DaggerXL is still “Pre-Alpha” so there are still aspects that are missing or incomplete. I’m currently working on many of those things, but it’s still very much a work in progress.

      1. Corey Says:

        The heads are also not aligned with the body. I had the same issue with selecting a female character and ending up with a male.

      2. wes Says:

        hitting esc then clicking on “mouse controls” at the bottom will show you

      3. wes Says:

        it submitted before i was done…

        you can change mouse sensitivity, but you cannot change the mode (click the other box) or change the turn sensitivity.

  72. Lacey Says:


    Can not change sensitivity or change view. Its set for full view whereas I prefer the cursor view.

    Understand this is a pre-alpha. So when is an update likely to be? These are 2 key issues that need to be addresses soon for the game to be more playable. From what I was able to see, the game show much improvement in the graphics over the original. Looking forward to future updates.

    1. luciusdxl Says:

      I see, cursor view is not implemented yet. No one / not many have missed it yet (most people seem to prefer the “view” mode – me included), but now that I know that people do want that control scheme I’ll give it a higher priority. Thanks for you input.

  73. Lacey Says:


    Most welcome. I played Daggerfall many years ago and it was a favorite. Games have come a long ways since those days.

  74. Magni Says:

    Luciusxl,,, thank you so much for all the hard work and that last \ at the end of arena2 in the directory name did the trick and the game fired up no problem.

    Just wanted to report only problem I’m having is that the item descriptions will not show up on the inventory screen, don’t know if this had been reported already.

    Any fixes for this.. thanks Again!

  75. Magni Says:

    Luciusxl forgot mention in my last email that the scroll bars in the game inventory screen do not have the “green” and “red” arrow markers present when scrolling through loot or equipment but they do scroll just fine, just figured i would report it, not a show stopper, but I would like to see item and loot descriptions when clicking on them as mentioned in mt last email.

  76. Magni Says:

    More bugs at least on my PC…hehehe

    “Log” and “Note” books will not display when trying to access them either from character sheet (F5) or pressing L or N keys on keyboard

    Just an FYI..

    1. Corey Says:

      I’d imagine those aren’t implemented yet (it’s Pre-Alpha, after all), so that’s not really a bug _yet_… 🙂

    2. luciusdxl Says:

      As Corey says, those items are not implemented yet.

      1. Magni Says:

        Ahh ok, sorry didn’t mean to waste your time with the posts 8(

        Also want to say your doing a hell of a job Luc, played this title in college,we tried to complete the running one side of the continent to the other in two real time weeks feat, needless to say the Keg ran out!

        Your bringing back the memories in prime fashion! Ordering another Keg to get ready..

  77. Pardinuz Says:

    This is absolutely incredible! 🙂

    Unfortunately I have run into some major problems… I cannot see any monsters, even though they can see, and attack me.
    I also can’t save the game. When I click “save game” I get like a corner of a transparent square with a yellow border and nothing happens.

    Are these common issues?

    1. luciusdxl Says:

      Strange. The next version will have a launcher that will validate game files and stuff like that. So when that comes out, be sure to try it and see if your problems persist.

      1. Pardinuz Says:

        Yup! That should help.
        Meanwhile I reinstalled my game and the save game problem is gone. However, I still can’t see any monsters… Maybe it’s my graphics card.
        I’ll just have to wait and see.

  78. Cole54 Says:

    Hey I’m having problems with the Daggerfall directory. it cant find the files and such. its in bethesda softworks folder. is there something i gotta do for spaces? help?

    1. luciusdxl Says:

      I’m afraid that it doesn’t like spaces in the path. That will be fixed in the next version. 🙂

  79. menes777 Says:

    When exactly is the next version (0.2.0) coming out? The date the author states is a few weeks past “this week”. 🙂 Hopefully nothing has happened to the author.

    1. luciusdxl Says:

      There have been delays but it’s still being worked on. 🙂

  80. Jan Says:

    I’m having the problem with creating a female character, as well as numerous other bugs. The text is too blurry for me to read, for some reason I can’t unequip anything, and the camera rotates exremely slowly with no way to fix it(I tried options).

    Not sure if I have it set up incorrectly or what, because apart from those things it doesn’t lag or anything. :\

  81. Jan Says:

    Nice work so far though. I’ll be sure to try out version 0.20 when it comes out.

  82. Johnny Says:

    I just found this a couple of days ago. I’ve been playing Daggerfall ever since it hit stores back in the day and it has to be the best RPG I’ve ever played on a computer. But since Win7 came about, I’ve had to use dosbox, but I can’t seem to get the config right.

    Now I’ve tried DaggerXL, but it seems I’ve hit the same problem. All I get is sound playing and a black screen in window mode. In fullscreen, I get nothing, the game hangs, no sound, black screen, until I flip back to Win7.

    I have no idea, what I’m doing wrong. Can anyone help me?

  83. bob55incalgary Says:

    I originally downloaded Daggerfall free from the elderscrolls site, but could not get a virtual CD mounting program for Win98 (old computer and software at work). I then obtained a pirated copy (no CD required) and it works perfectly on a Pentium 2 with 64 MB ram running Win98 first edition. During my searching to get this to work on the old computer I kept seeing DagerXL. I decided to give it a shot on my home system (Intel Quad Core Q9300 4 GB ram with NV GeForce 9600 GT running XP Pro 64) because the NOCD version would not run on a 64 bit system without DOSbox. DaggerXL ver. 0.199 works great. I am very happy with it despite a couple of minor and 1 major glitch.
    Minor glitch: in controls I can’t change swing weapon from M2 to M1, can’t unequip anything (mentioned in other postings), in an 800 X 600 window clicking inventory tabs is almost impossible – work around was achieved by using a full screen window.
    The major glitch is I can not get any info text at all. This really does need to work. I hope that when version 0.2 is ready this will be fixed. Until then I will see if there is a save game editor that will display item information.
    I gave so much information in the first paragraph so the dedicated hard working person(s) writing the XL engine will know how this wonderful piece of free software is being used. I will very shortly donate to the XL engine effort.

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