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This is a Development Roadmap for DaggerXL. Everything in here is subject to change, it is my current near and medium range plans. This roadmap will be adjusted as the project progresses. Note this list does not yet mention mod tools and support, where that fits in is still TOD. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please see the forum topic.

Short/Medium term goals

Pre-Alpha, version 0.1(released)

  • World Map Support for the Daggerfall region. Fully seamless world comprising all locations in the region.
  • City and location support; note dungeons will not be available in this demo – other then Privateer’s Hold. [The locations will exist but you will not be able to enter].
  • Temporary flat, single texture terrain.
  • Exterior block objects, flats, buildings, foilage and lights. (Cities, towns, castles, graveyards, etc.)
  • Working interior to exterior doors.
  • Working interiors.
  • Interior and exterior NPCs
  • Time of day: includes lighting changes, proper window color, sky rendering, NPCs going in at night.
  • Music and sound.
  • Travel modes: horse and foot.
  • Climbing support.
  • Interior and exterior regional texturing.
  • Simple quick-save. (Not the final save game solution).
  • Extended feature: Extended view distance.
  • Extended feature: Bloom
  • Extended feature: Sky smoothing filter – designed to smooth out the dithering and gradients without affecting the intentional edges.

Pre-Alpha, version 0.3(in progress)

  • Proper terrain support (no more flat plain with a single texture).
  • Extended feature: Roads between cities, inns, temples and certain types of dungeons (areas that used to be important, such as castles). This includes faster horse travel on roads.
  • Extended feature: More interesting terrain features, such as rolling hills, canyons, valleys, moutains, etc. The terrain will still use the Daggerfall textures, flats and polygon density.
  • All regions supported.
  • Proper dungeon support, all dungeons working.
  • Proper random monster encounters inside and outside of dungeons.
  • Proper loot tables implemented.
  • Leveling implemented.
  • Ranged attacks implemented (bows).
  • Swimming support.
  • First pass spell system implemention, including enemies.
  • All the base enemies types implemented.
  • All the weapon and armor types implemented.
  • Proper map support (dungeon/interior, city, world).
  • Resting support.

Pre-Alpha, version 0.5

  • Character Creation System.
  • Save game support.
  • Working interior and exterior NPCs (basic dialogue, directions, etc.).
  • Working shops.
  • Working banks.
  • Wagon support.
  • Weather support (fog, rain, snow)
  • Season support.
  • Holiday/event support.
  • Initial pass at reputation system.

Alpha, version 1.0

  • Finish reputation & spell systems if any additional work is needed.
  • First pass quest system with reputation support (do quests for royalty, shop keepers, etc.)
  • Guild system with guild quests.
  • Stealth system.
  • Full use of skills and abilities.
  • Item degradation and repair system.
  • Ship support
  • House support.

Alpha, version 2.0

  • Finish quest system.
  • Main quest support.
  • Spell maker.
  • Item maker.
  • Potion maker.
  • Daedra summoning.
  • Artifact support and quests.
  • Catch-all: any missing native Daggerfall features.

Beta, version 3.0

  • Fix any issues experienced with the alphas.
  • Polish and optimize.
  • Begin extended game feature support, specifics to be decided. Below are some features that’ll probably make it into this build.
  • Extended Feature: Sail your ship around the bay, need to dock near coastal cities (limited to-ship travel)
  • … other features to make this build will be decided in the future.

35 Responses to “Roadmap”

  1. Drakonis Says:

    Oh yeah thats an long but worthy road you made there, I have linked it in my Thread on Scharesoftforum and translated the Demo 3 Features also.

    Haha can’t wait for seeing your progress on this road. 😉

    1. luciusdxl Says:

      Thanks for all your translation work, I appreciate it. 🙂

  2. Xavier Says:


    Appears to be a very well thought out set of major goals.

  3. JSL Says:

    Could I request a minor extended feature, when you implement the maps? Putting the location name on the map somewhere? Sometimes you just kinda forget where you are, especially after loading a save you haven’t played in a few days.

  4. aarachul Says:

    Congratulations – even Alpha 3.0 would be the full game with less bugs than the original (an ant’s nest would have less bugs than the original though) 🙂

    Has Bethesda ever contacted you back?

    1. luciusdxl Says:

      I haven’t tried contacting Bethesda again yet. I probably will once Demo 2 is available.

  5. Thor Says:

    Thank you so much, I am eager to play Daggerfall with updated grapchics

  6. GN Says:

    Daggerfall+updated graphics=WIN

  7. Alex Meter Says:

    and how about the map system? will it get an arrow so you know witch way you are facing on the map. in the original version i frecuently got lost in a city that way, and walked usually the wrong way;)

  8. Mattias Says:

    Bethesda really should pay you for this project. The roadmap looks reasonable, but it’s a long road.

    I would suggest getting the main functions working properly before trying to add more advanced, new features. But the development probably becomes boring that way, so I trust you know better 🙂

  9. Steven A Says:

    Just a word of encouragement to say thanks for bringing a great game back to life, and keep going.

  10. Igorium Says:

    Please do not abandon it, and be sure to keep source code on version control!

    I remember two Daggerfall remake projects dying – Daggerfall GL and Dark Basic one, and none of them published source codes.
    I also remember a cool attempt to total-convert Arcanum which died because of loss of sources, and death of Fallout:Yurop from their forum dying.

    Tons of encouragement and support to you!

  11. Igorium Says:

    Now that I think about it, I wonder if it was your same project that I considered dead.
    That dude’s nick was something demonic, and his plan was to use same engine to remake other parts of the game. The year was ~2004

  12. Vrolok Says:

    This project – one of the best news for me. Daggerfall is my favourite game. Good luck and keep working! =)

  13. Sven Siegmund Says:

    I hope you will reach your ambitious goal. I only played Arena, Morrowind, watched how is hte gameplay of Oblivion and some other non-TES RPGs and must say I am not at all pleased with today’s modern RPG. They don’t give you the freedom to go wherever you want, do whatever you want and to influence the events in the game story the way you want.

    After what I have read about Daggerfall, it is the game which comes closest to what I think an RPG should be. After I will have played through TES: Arena and enjoyed the freedom there, I will give Daggerfall a try.

    I am very enthusiastic about what you do. If I understand it correctly, you write an interpreter of the original Daggerfall game data which displays it in more pleasant graphics. That’s just fabulous.

    The next level would be a to make a RPG of modern 3D graphics but with all the freedom and storyline influence one can take in Daggerfall, (possibly a Daggerfall remake).

  14. Don't Forget This Says:

    Don’t Give Up! This looks awesome! I want this to be my Christmas present from God (and You) in 2010.

  15. rhn Says:

    You didn’t include minimaps anywhere in the roadmap. I think they should be somewhere before the dungeon…
    About that, an “extended feature” comes to my mind:

    make the dungeon minimap more useful

    I’m not a hardcore Daggerfall player, and I find dungeon crawling boring. The 3D map is difficult to use without proper panning, and the little squares mini-minimap doesn’t help much. Or maybe a different feature: “lame mode” with simpler dungeons: not multilayered or the quest object location visible from the beginning.

    1. Petrell Says:

      The problem with dungeons is not the map, it’s the layout caused by using random generator to make them. To fix this most of them would either have to be rebuild by hand or luciusdxl would have develop or use better random map generator to remake them.

  16. Fabio Says:

    You’re on your way to becoming a popular folk hero! Daggerfall was meant to be the best RPG of all time but it fell short because of all the bugs and disfunctional quests. If you can make it work, really work, diehard RPG fans won’t care for fancy titles… Daggefall is the biggest and greatest sandbox RPG – Oblivion won’t even scratch its surface if you can make it WORK!

    GO GO GO
    We love you!

  17. Morjax Says:

    I stumbled across this project yesterday, and am very excited to have found it. It looks like things are coming along nicely. I applaud your efforts and hope that the project can go full speed ahead!

    We’re rooting for you!!

  18. Baron Boom Says:

    KEEP IT UP!!!!!
    All us Daggerfall fanatics are counting on you!!

  19. Sinael Says:

    Cant wait for Alpha 1.0 release ^_^.
    Some advanced feature suggestions:
    1)Texture Rescaling Algorithms – Like Scale3x and Hq3x – as i dont see any HighResolution texture replacement projects for DaggerXL anytime soon i guess those two algorithms can do the job of making game textures to appeal better and modern.
    2)Advanced Minimap – a minimap like in Metroid Prime is the best option for 3d enviroment – it shows map as a simplified and minimized overhead view – when you turn, minimap view also turns, thou button for isometric view like in other game with the same map system (i dont remember its name). Also it may be a good idea to strip this map of textures leaving only colored wall/floor/slope segments for ease of orientation. As an extended feature it would also be great to have a full 3d map of actual landscape/cities(then map notes will look beter as flags with text stuck into a map surface)

    Sry fur my baed engrish)))

  20. Eric Says:

    I am so excited to have discovered this project! It should do for Daggerfall what AlephOne has done for Marathon, and it’s something I’ve dreamt of seeing done!

    And perhaps one fine day, this rewrite of Daggerfall could even lead to multiplayer support? Given the immense size of the game (not to mention its nature), I think it would, in fact, make a very good MMORPG. I mean, it even had home ownership! It’s perfect.

  21. Bean Says:

    I cant wait i just found this site and must say it is a noteworthy feat. Multiplayer is a vary nice prospect. How long do you think this is going to take?

  22. Link6746 Says:

    If you look on the UESP’s daggerfall page for one of the later questmods, it not only replaces the existing (bugged) quests with fixed ones, it also adds bug free quests.

    there’s also some text.rsc mods, and my personal favorite (though I take care not to use certain parts of it), Andyfall+FDagger.

  23. Bennie Whitcomb Says:

    Please whatever you do! DONT discontinue this project! I dont want to see it die like many other similar projects… This is AwEsOmE!!!

  24. Arctor Says:

    Daggerfall was one of my favorite games growing up. Please finish this project. It looks incredible so far. It’s everything I loved about Daggerfall and so much more.

    Thanks for all of your hard work.

  25. Ebbpp Says:

    I really hope that you will succeed where many others failed.I would eager very much to play Daggerfall with this mod in close future.
    Best regards and take care

  26. Jmp_man Says:

    Hey! This is great. I really hope you can pull this off (It would be great if you did). We are all still pulling for you. Good Luck!

  27. bobby bolbous Says:

    You people are amazing! Keep this stuff up.

  28. Tsukae Says:

    You’re my hero for working on this. It will be nice to have freedom in a game outside the roguelike genre.

  29. Jason Says:

    It’s great to see someone working on updating this classic game.

    I do have one question: Do you intend to keep the nudity intact? I ask because I had to get rid of my copy of the original due to becoming a married Christian man who wishes to honor his wife.

    Thanks again for your time and effort.

    1. luciusdxl Says:

      The nudity will still be there, however I will implement the optional “child guard” feature that will either replace or remove the elements of nudity.

      1. Jason Says:

        Thanks for responding.

        A follow-up question: Will Child-Guard also affect monster images such as the Nymph and the Succubus as well as the ‘Temple Prostitutes’?

        Sorry for the laundry list, just want to be sure I understand.

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